The management of Pinnacle, Inc. places a strong emphasis on safety.  Proper training and constant reminders of “Safety First” are key elements of our safety program.   Our current policy includes:


  • Hard Hat & Eye Wear Protection required at all times on the job site.

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing for all employees pre-employment, post-accident and randomly. 

  • Monthly Safety Inspections by outside safety consultants, and the results reported to the management of each  company onsite during the inspection. 


With such a strong hand in safety, this ensures not only that our team is insuring that the project is done correctly and to the highest of quality, but also the safest way possible.  We have had our standards in safety set in place since the beginning and with that has came a hand full of awards regarding our safe workplace for many years running.


  • AGC of America Certificate of Commendation for Excellent Safety Record - Zero Incidence Rate 50,000 work hours and over Building Division

  • WKCA-AGC Chapter Safety Award 40,001 – 60,000 work hours - General Contractor Division

  •  WKCA-AGC Chapter Safety Award 25,001 – 50,000 work hours -General Contractor Division 

On top of our outstanding safety records, our attention to Quality Control follows the best practices available for project quality control, including training, pre-installation meetings and supervised installations.  A dedication to the construction profession, continuing education for our project managers and constant training for our field employees are keys to the continued growth and success of our company.   


With this team approach to Project Management, we strive to work as a team member to complete projects on time and within budget.  Pinnacle realizes the importance of planning, scheduling and working as a member of the team with the project Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers and Owners.  Our project managers and superintendents are hands-on and responsible for this aspect of the building process.


Pinnacle Inc. has been cost estimating multi million dollar construction projects for over 25 years. This has allowed us the correct knowledge of costs per square foot for many different types of building projects. We have the ability to give you an accurate idea of what your project will cost early in the project before much of the design work and drawings are done.  Our Individual projects completed range in size up to $13 million with an annual total average of $15 million.  Pinnacle has completed a wide variety of projects for several different owners, both public and private.  These projects include:

  • Medical offices and Hospital facilities

  • Funeral homes

  • Worship and Activity facilities

  • Recreational facilities

  • Banking facilities

  • Warehouse buildings

  • HUD multi-family housing

  • Correctional facilities

  • Elementary, High School and College campus facilities

  • Performing Arts facilities

  • Office & Retail facilities (Strip Centers)

These projects have included several contract types such as:  
Lump Sum, Unit Price, and Cost-Plus a Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price.  
Our team has the experience from years of bidding projects in our company that uses the latest estimating software in order to produce accurate estimates in a very timely manner for your decision making. We are very familiar in working back and forth with owners during the pre-construction process to arrive at an estimate that is suitable to both parties. 


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